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Kupid 1.0 Main Page

KUPID, which stands for RPG Maker Keyboard Using PICAXE Inside Device, is a device created by Thutmose that allows, with 100% accuracy and respectable speed, the input of text through the use of a computer keyboard. You can type every character in RPG Maker with this, even “heart, male symbol, etc.”

Kupid is pretty simple. Basically, the button traces on the PCB of a PlayStation 1 controller are connected to a PICAXE 18X microcontroller, which connects to a PS/2 keyboard.

The PICAXE reads the keycode transmitted by the keyboard, and translates it into a series of d-pad & button presses using a simple algorithm.

The project was started January 6th 2010, and officially came to a close on May 10th 2010 with the announcement that Kupid 2.0 was in development.

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