I started modding RPG Maker XP’s RTP about three years ago. I also stopped modding RMXP’s RTP about three years ago. Recently, though, I got the inclination to finally join the pav’ after years of lurking, and to start modding again.

This first post contains the first tileset I ever modded, and it was about my last. It contains a tileset, animations, and autotiles.

So here it is, after the jump, “Innerbody Expanded”!

Innerbody Title

Innerbody Expanded

Note: The complete Innerbody collection is available in a single RAR file at the bottom of this post.

This is the first mod I made to RMXP’s default RTP tileset “Innerbody”. This is one of the most seldom used tilesets – it’s bland, boring, and has little variety.



Feature Explanation #1:

The two “pouches” in the bottom-right of the tileset are designed for the placement of a character; like so -

Pouch Example

The pouch with veins protruding from the top is meant to be placed just below a wall. The pouch above can be placed anywhere. The modified skeleton and corpse can also be place in these pouches using events.

Feature Explanation #2:

There are several eyes also in this tileset (taken from an enemy-battler). The eyes are best placed on the darkened walls – they rather stick out on the default pink walls. Also, using event(s) you can animate the eyes so they blink at random intervals. About 5 frames or less is best for the closed eyelids to be displayed.


Below is one of the modified autotiles. I recolored the yellow-liquid pool so it looks more like blood. The first three, with more red flesh, is meant to match the recolor of the tileset’s default ground tile. The other autotile uses the default flesh color but has a red-pool of blood instead of yellow.


This is an animation (character set) of one of those big puss-bubbles.

Pus Bubble

This is an animation (character set) of a re-colored bubble-cluster (added veins). It is meant to be put in front of a narrow door as a blockage.

Pus Bubbles

Complete Collection RAR File Download

Click here: Download

Commentary & Conclusions

That’s all for the Innerbody Expanded collection. This was the first tileset mod I ever did – and I haven’t hardly done anything since then (which was around three years ago). I did most of my Innerbody mod pixel-by-pixel; and it took me quite a while. It’s far from perfect, but it’s a start.

What’s next in store you ask? Well, I’ve learned a bit over the course of the past three years – and I’m going to apply the knowledge and skills I’ve gained to this endeavor.

I have been working on a larger RTP mod to get me back in the swing of things, and to refresh my rusty skills. It includes animations, icons, autotiles, two tilesets, and even a battle-background! It’s still WIP right now, but here’s a little preview:

It’s called “Corrupted Heaven”

Corrupted Heaven Preview

If you have any comments or questions, there’s a little space to type in below! Isn’t it amazing what they can come up with nowadays?

Until next time,